The Stateful Platform
for Real-Time Apps

Unify your existing relational and streaming data sources into cohesive real-time experiences.

Real-Time UIs

Create interactive user interfaces that continuously update in real-time, with graphs, maps, KPIs, dashboards and more.

Streaming APIs

Use streaming hyperlinks to continuously observe state changes across your distributed real-time apps.

Stateful Services

Build applications that remember what they're doing, and execute business logic in real-time.

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Layer Real-Time Context onto Every Entity

Managing state for distributed apps is hard. Stateful Web Agents unify data from message brokers, databases and other sources to create real-time models that always provide the latest context for your app.

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Build Apps for a Real-Time, Decentralized World

Apps today are increasingly decentralized and real-time. Swim is the first general purpose platform for building real-time apps using streaming data and optimized to run across distributed compute environments.

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Create Living User Experiences

Swim gives you a live window into your apps. Create dynamic user experiences with plugins for real-time KPIs, native UI/UX tools, maps, other visualizations that make it easy to extend your real-time apps.

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The open source swimOS platform is a modern approach to distributed applications without the usual operational headaches.
— Krish Subramanian, Rishidot Research


Network Performance Monitoring

A major network service provider wanted to improve real-time operational data for their technicians. Prior to introducing Swim, this information would take several hours to analyze, causing network technicians to be unaware of new service outages. Working with Swim, the service provider unified data streams from their existing network infrastructure to create a single app that monitors thousands of cell towers and millions of subscribers in real-time.

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The Swim Platform is a self-managing runtime for operating commercial SwimOS apps.


An open source platform for building stateful, real-time apps from streaming data.


How Real-Time Apps
Should Work

Swim was founded in 2015 by the creators of the open source swimOS platform. We developed the Swim platform as the best way to build intelligent real-time apps, without worrying about distributed hardware infrastructure and constantly wrangling distributed state. Swim is based in Campbell, CA and also has offices in Cambridge, UK.

Production Ready

The Swim Platform provides real-time visibility, management tooling and automation features to operate your real-time swimOS apps at any scale.