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Transform Gray Edge Data into Real-Time Insights and Predictions

Drowning in data from edge devices, and need to make sense of it? SWIM EDX is fast, light software combining machine-learning and edge computing to automatically turn gray data into events, insights and predictions without big-data and costly analysis - helping businesses respond in real-time, save costs and generate new revenue. Learn More.

Real-time Edge Analytics

SWIM analyzes all streaming data, in real-time, at the edge where it's created, to act immediately.

SWIM EDX Does More with Less

SWIM software runs at the edge on existing devices, and is easy to set-up and manage.

Digital Twins of Real-World Assets

SWIM EDX self-trains AI models from edge data to predict events, maintenance, failures and patterns.

Data Intelligence + Edge Intelligence

EDX delivers real-time insights & predictions from data alone - with powerful analytics, machine learning and edge computing.

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“I thought our system was constrained by internet latency, but now I can clearly see the problem is on the edge...we can deploy SWIM's stack, and provide an optimal solution.”

Darren Beyer, Trafficware Inc.

Darren Beyer, CTO, Trafficware Inc.

Darren Beyer
CTO, Trafficware Inc.

“EDX provides the accessibility of SQL and the power of Spark.”

Senior Director, IoT Provider

Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Mark O’Marketing
VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

“The addition of data-driven machine intelligence to devices has profound implications for business and society.”

Kurt Marko, IT Analyst, Diginomica

Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Mark O’Marketing
VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

SWIM's core technology is solid, and it is clear that SWIM has applicability in several aspects of industrial automation control and information systems.

Senior Director of Systems Architecture, Major OEM

Senior Director of Systems Architecture, Major OEM
Senior Director of Systems Architecture
Major OEM

Ovum: On the Radar

Ovum On the Radar: SWIM EDX cover page
SWIM EDX was recently featured by Ovum Research. Check out the report for Ovum's evaluation of SWIM EDX and the edge computing software landscape.
Read the Report

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Swim EDX at Work

SWIM analyzes real-time, gray, streaming edge data and turns it into what's actually happening. It finds critical relationships and accurately predicts what will happen - at the edge.

Real-Time Insights

Real-time business and operational insights from ‘gray’ edge data—delivered to a browser or an API.

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Reduces and Analyzes

Ingests, reduces, analyzes and predicts performance from streaming edge data, on the fly.

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Self-Learning Digital Twins

Creates intelligent "digital twin" models using advanced analytics and machine learning from gray, streaming edge data — finding critical current information, and predicting future behavior.

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Lightweight Software, Any Edge Data

EDX software is small, self-managing, self-learning and self-training. It creates a distributed edge computing fabric on existing devices enabling local analytics and predictive machine learning.

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Highly Secure and Autonomous

Ensures end-to-end security, protecting your data and edge infrastructure from attacks and unreliable connections.

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You’ve read about how SWIM can provide real-time intelligence from edge devices, now see it in action. Click on a thumbnail below to see a demo.

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