Build Massively Real-Time
Streaming Applications

The easiest way to create stateful applications that
communicate and collaborate autonomously in real-time.

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Why Swim?

Keep Everything
in Sync.

Swim ensures consistency throughout edge and cloud, processing data on-the-fly and storing what’s valuable — without waiting for a database.

Connect, Collaborate, Know.

Stateful Web Agents link to and collaborate with peers, building a shared data model for real-time analytics, automation and machine learning.

Insights at the Speed of Now.

Swim APIs continuously stream the latest insights to power real-time visualizations, graphs, KPIs, dashboards and more.

Scale Your App, Not Your Infrastructure.

Scalability and performance shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Swim only uses a fraction of the resources required for "real-time" big cloud solutions.

What Is Swim?

Like a Distributed Operating System

Built from first principles, Swim comprehensively solves the problem of building massively distributed, real-time applications.

A Streaming Web

To transparently interconnect distributed applications, Swim upgrades HTTP to a continuously consistent, multiplexed streaming protocol, called WARP.

A Universal Runtime

With its small, self-contained runtime, Swim can seamlessly distribute applications across modest edge devices, large server clusters, and everything in between.

A Living User Experience

Humans are real-time beings. We experience life as a stream of consciousness. Swim's streaming UI frameworks make apps work the way users do.

"I thought our system was constrained by network latency, but now I can clearly see the problem is on the edge…by deploying the Swim stack, we were able to provide an optimal solution" — Darren Beyer, CTO, Trafficware

Meet Ripple

Blue Team


charge time

Green Team


charge time

Ripple is a massively multiplayer shared-surface gaming experience powered by Swim. Players interact with each other by creating ripples and dynamically linking with each other in real-time. Like Ripple, Swim applications aggregate multiple real-time data streams and continuously “ripple” the latest updates to subscribers. The same simple patterns we used to build Ripple can be applied to create Swim applications of any size or complexity.

Streaming Maps

Swim makes it easy to visualize geospatial information in real-time. Web Agents can be associated with specific locations to compose map-based user interfaces that continuously update based on real-world data streams. The Swim Traffic and Transit demo applications overlay real-time insights onto maps, enabling users to quickly identify anomalies in geospatial context.

Let’s Build the Future Together

Building, operating, and maintaining an enterprise scale real-time application is challenging for any business. We can provide world-class expertise and Swim know-how to help you maximize your application’s performance, resiliency, and management.

Example Apps: Ripple, Transit + Traffic

PDF Download

Discover how Swim can power a range of real-time applications from gaming to transportation management.

Case Study: Smart Cities

PDF Download

Discover how Swim analyzes 30,000 data points per second for Palo Alto’s connected traffic infrastructure.

"Our customers are increasingly looking for better ways to manage and act on edge data. Swim software...enables real-time data reduction, analytics and prediction that can power the next generation of smart city, smart utility and IoT application." — Don Reeves, VP of Development & Technology, Itron

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