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Recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor, Swim helps organizations transform their business operations by continuously augmenting human decision-making, using the most accurate, relevant data possible from real-time and contextual data sources.

Recognizing that humans are real-time beings, Swim’s founders designed Swim products with humans in mind – making continuous intelligence applications work the way users do.

Swim was founded in 2015, and has offices in Campbell, CA, and Cambridge, UK.

The Swim Team

ramana jonnala avatar
Ramana Jonnala
chris sachs avatar
Chris Sachs
Co-Founder & Chief Architect
simon crosby avatar
Simon Crosby
max herrmann avatar
Max Herrmann
simon aspinall avatar
Simon Aspinall
GM Europe & Asia
madhav ranganathan avatar
Madhav Ranganathan
Vice President Global Alliances
mark thompson avatar
Mark Thompson
Vice President
maureen hughes avatar
Maureen Hughes
Vice President Customer Alliances, Microsoft
jamison shaver avatar
Jamison Shaver
Senior Director of Product Management
ajay govindarajan avatar
Ajay Govindarajan
Software Development Manager
dian yu avatar
Dian Yu
Software Engineer
diane johnson avatar
Diane Johnson
Talent Acquisition Leader
dobromir marinov avatar
Dobromir Marinov
Software Engineer
greg holland avatar
Greg Holland
Senior Software Engineer
nicole cobb avatar
Nicole Cobb
Office Manager
rohit bose avatar
Rohit Bose
Software Engineer
tom klapwijk avatar
Tom Klapwijk
Software Engineer
will richards avatar
Will Richards
Lead User Experience Architect

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Webinar: Key Capabilities for Real-Time Analytics Today
On-demand Webinar: Key Capabilities for Real-Time Analytics Today
More Info
Webinar: Improving the Customer Experience with Continuous Network Intelligence
On-demand Webinar: Improving the Customer Experience with Continuous Network Intelligence

    Key Capabilities for Real-Time Analytics Today

    The ability to quickly act on information to solve problems or create value has long been the goal of many businesses. However, it was until recently when new technologies emerged that the speed and scalability requirements of real-time analytics could be addressed both technically and cost-effectively by organizations on a large scale.

    To learn about the key capabilities for succeeding with real-time analytics today - from more timely dashboards and reports, to fraud detection and IoT edge decision engines -, please register to view this special on-demand roundtable webinar hosted by DBTA and co-sponsored by Swim.


    Improving the Customer Experience with Continuous Network Intelligence

    CSP businesses are driven by the performance and quality of their network. But too much of the data from the network infrastructure is stored before it is processed and analyzed, making it hard to derive meaningful network data insights in the timeframe businesses need and customers expect.

    An alternative approach is to adopt an “analyze-then-store” architecture that continuously analyzes and extracts insights from data (before storing it), improving their situational awareness and ability to act in the moment.

    Watch this on-demand webinar, hosted and moderated by TMForum, where we are exploring solutions that can help CSPs as they seek to better manage and leverage the data generated by their networks to deliver a better customer experience.


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