Working at SWIM

Interested in working on Intelligent IOT, Machine Learning, and Industrial IOT (IIOT) projects? SWIM is hiring for engineering & product management roles. SWIM is headquartered in downtown San Jose, CA. 

SWIM is a technology innovator for the intelligent edge. SWIM combines the power of big data and real-time stream processing, use cases in multiple markets: IOT, IIOT, transportation & traffic, manufacturing, power & water, smart grid and more. SWIM intelligent edge software enables unprecedented levels of automation, real-time edge analytics, operational efficiency, cost savings, and customer insights.

We're currently looking for talented engineers with a interest/background in high-performance, distributed computing for developing Industrial Internet real-time solutions. Job opportunities offer candidates the ability to work on solutions that process large volumes of real-time data to detect insights and anomalies. Developers are expected to own the design and development of core features of the solution. The team operates under Agile development principles and ships frequently.

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