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How SWIM EDX Works

Find out how to turn gray data into insights and predictions, at the edge

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Devices, sensors, IT assets, machines, vehicles and buildings generate large volumes of streaming data. SWIM software finds critical events, discovers hidden patterns and predicts future behavior using self-training machine learning to enable decisions in real-time. SWIM delivers views of the analyzed data, insights and predictions to any device in real-time, or to streaming APIs for enterprise applications.

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Swim Step by Step

Here's how SWIM software turns edge data into real-time insights and predictions, entirely at the edge.

SWIM EDX analyzes data from edge devices

SWIM EDX processes edge streaming data as it’s generated in real-time at the edge, without big-data. SWIM finds critical events, anomalies and identifies correlations - reducing data volumes.

SWIM EDX constructs an edge fabric to make sense of the data

SWIM EDX creates a resilient "edge computing" and data processing fabric, spanning any combination of existing edge devices. SWIM’s stateful edge architecture efficiently reduces, analyzes and learns large volumes of real-time data across multiple types of hardware – all at the edge.

SWIM EDX creates Digital Twins that learn

SWIM builds and self-trains active “digital twin” models of real-world systems from “gray” edge data. Each digital twin analyzes real-time data from its sibling, trains a deep-learning model to and predicts future behavior.

Fast, self-training models of your business – without "Big Data"

SWIM EDX self-trains from real-world data – Each "digital twin" precisely matches the actual system streaming data and captures unique local behaviors. SWIM EDX software is also self-managing and requires minimal set-up or configuration.

Insights right now and accurate future predictions

SWIM delivers real-time insights and predictions from digital twins to both APIs and GUIs. SWIM serves business, OT and IT stakeholders with simple and intuitive visualizations, detailed insights and predictions. SWIM APIs enable simple integration with ERP, CRM, MES or other enterprise applications.

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SWIM EDX at Work

See how SWIM works for different industries


SWIM EDX adds ‘ML’ to Manufacturing delivering real-time insights without big-data and improving efficiency of complex resources.

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Service Providers

SWIM EDX adds real-time intelligence to telco/utility/network services, smart cities and IoT services.

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Enterprise & Government

SWIM EDX adds real-time insights and efficiency to complex enterprise IT and digital transformation.

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Smart Cities & IoT

SWIM EDX enhances smart city and IoT solutions providing data reduction, analysis, and prediction in real-time on existing edge equipment.

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