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SWIM works with channel partners, SIs, OEMs, infrastructure providers, software developers and businesses to add SWIM EDX software to enhance existing solutions. SWIM software applies data reduction, analytics and predictive machine learning to real-time, streaming data and improves our partner’s solutions, hardware and software. SWIM EDX adds data reduction, real-time insights and predictions to existing solutions for Enterprises, Manufacturers/IIoT, Government, Service Providers, Smart Cities and IoT solution providers.

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Trafficware and SWIM.AI Launch TidalWave Live Streaming Traffic Information Service

Trafficware, one of the nation’s foremost providers of traffic signal control technology, and SWIM.AI, a Silicon Valley edge intelligence software firm, have launched TidalWave™, a live streaming traffic information service powered by SWIM’s machine-learning and edge computing software.

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SWIM offers a radically new way for developers to build real-time, distributed software applications. SWIM EDX is a vertically integrated software stack, so there’s no need to set up a database, message broker, job manager or application server. EDX provides configurable APIs for easy access to data streams, local data persistence, universal addressability of services, and automatic distribution & scalability.

SWIM EDX dramatically improves the quality of insights from streaming data - and massively reduces the time to develop new applications. Click the button below to find out how you can be a SWIM development partner.

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