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Transform Dark Data at the Edge into Insights

Transform data-rich environments into intelligent, optimized resources

SWIM is committed to building the technology and business alliances that will drive the growth of Edge Data that uses analytics and machine learning to automate real-time, streaming data while helping execute our partner’s innovation roadmaps. SWIM solutions offers real time insights for Enterprises, Manufacturers, Government, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Smart Logistics and IoT/IIoT.

  • Real-time fault tolerant edge processing on commodity hardware

  • Automatically learns powerful domain specific insights

  • Plug & Play in brown-field and green-field deployments

  • Secure by design

SWIM Solutions

SWIM for Smart Cities learns and predicts traffic patterns in cities and makes public transport predictable and on time.


SWIM for Smart Grids dynamically optimizes grid distribution & generation, and manages lighting in urban environments.


SWIM for Smart Logistics tracks tagged assets end-to-end, indoors and outdoors, to optimize worldwide supply chains.


Partner Solutions 

Find out how you can deliver new insights to your customers with SWIM for Enterprises, Manufacturers, Smart Cities, Smart Logistics and IoT/IIoT projects.


Partner with SWIM to create intelligent, responsive systems, and transform your data-rich environments with SWIM intelligent edge.