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Demo Applications

Experience Now

DataFabric has been used to build several solutions for real-time streaming data. Covering a variety of markets and industries, these example applications link to the available sources and demonstrate the Power of Now.

Read below to see how DataFabric was used in each case.

Smart Cities

Traffic Insights

An innovative company specializing in traffic infrastructure wanted to transform raw data from their equipment into a real-time streaming API for connected and autonomous vehicles. The data volumes are a tremendous challenge, as each intersection can generate more than 40 GB per day, and a small city’s traffic infrastructure will generate more data than Twitter on a daily basis. With more than 300,000 intersections in the U.S. alone, building a traditional software architecture that scales to millions of vehicles is not cost effective. Even more, the latency incurred is unacceptable as drivers and autonomous vehicles make decisions on a sub-second basis.

Experience the Traffic Demo mac laptop displaying traffic demo app

The traffic company used DataFabric to successfully launch their new service with unmatched performance and scalability. The API now transmits full-resolution data with a 100-200 millisecond latency at a fraction of the cost from traditional architectures. Each sensor with a real-time data feed was modeled with DataFabric, to include traffic controllers, crosswalk signals, vehicle detectors, and then deployed on the supporting transportation agency’s infrastructure. DataFabric dynamically generated a stateful replica of the entire real-time data stream and reduced network traffic by more than 95%.

Transit Service

Public Service

Many transit agencies offer a public API for 3rd parties to request the latest information on vehicle status and scheduling. However, handling a large volume of API requests with limited infrastructure and resources can be challenging – either from the thousands of concurrent users making requests or due to frequent pull requests necessary when trying to build a live dashboard. The limitations of traditional architectures restrict these public agencies to throttling API requests at the lowest speed in order to handle the load. With DataFabric, any existing REST API is automatically transformed into a real-time “streaming” API.

Experience the Transit Demo mac laptop displaying transit demo app

Whereas traditional API’s for real-time dashboards are initiated by endless pull requests looking for data updates, DataFabric only pushes state changes and can reduce the volume of data traffic by a factor of 800%. Even more, DataFabric allows anyone to add “zero-latency” analytics and continuously monitor routes, operational performance, and the overall efficiency of any complex system at marginal cost.


Vehicle Monitoring

DataFabric was used to model each vehicle and capture speed, direction, and the next stop for several thousand commercial vehicles in a crowded urban city. Deployed on a single environment, DataFabric consumed the raw data, performed several analytics for compliance and safety, and then continuously streamed insights to a management dashboard.

Experience the Logistics Demo mac laptop displaying logistics demo app