A Portal in Real-time

Ripple is a unique massive multiplayer online game that highlights the capabilities of the Swim platform. We created Ripple as a multi-screen experience, where any number of players interact on a shared digital surface in real-time. By clicking on the surface, players’ ripples are seen by simultaneously. When players click and hold, they form a streaming “bond” between each other and bidirectionally stream their locations to peers. While “bonded,” each player’s browser maintains multiplexed streaming connections to the other players.


concurrent players


shared surface


lines of code

All updates are displayed as quickly as the network allows, with no buffering or lapses. This can be contrasted with REST-based applications, which frequently experience “buffer-bloat” as updates are received faster than they can be processed. By maintaining a persistent streaming connection, Swim can continuously observe for state changes and “ripple” the news to peers who have subscribed. In this way, updates are shared seamlessly across edge, gateway, cloud and back.

Why Ripple is Next Gen

Our intent with this application is to demonstrate the similarity between Ripple and many other streaming applications. In the real world, data sources like traffic signals, industrial machines, vehicles, sensors and mobile devices all similarly ripple. With Swim, it’s easy to “bond” with any data source and combine it with other data sources and business logic to construct intelligent applications that power collaboration, automation, operations or any other real-time use case.

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Swim applications continuously provide the latest updates to empower users with the most relevant insights. Swim doesn’t just stream data; it runs application logic in-stream to power real-time analytics, business workflows, dashboards, and UIs. Instead of out-of-date snapshots, Swim mirrors your entire application in real-time.