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The only real-time edge analytics solution.

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SWIM EDX delivers insights at the speed of data

SWIM EDX turns all streaming edge data into powerful insights and predictions in real-time without the challenges of big data, using self-learning 'Digital Twins' and an 'edge fabric' of existing devices.

Interpret Real-Time Edge Data

EDX analyzes 'gray' data at the edge, as it's produced, to identify events, issues and relationships, while greatly reducing data volumes and highlight critical information.

Digital Twins that Learn at the Edge

EDX discovers edge devices and creates ‘digital twin’ models of real-world devices/systems which self-learn and predict.

Resilient, Stateful Edge Architecture

SWIM EDX uses existing devices to build a resilient 'edge compute' fabric supporting local data analysis, digital twins, machine learning and edge applications.


SWIM EDX offers a powerful, disruptive approach to edge learning and analytics. Instead of big-data “collect, clean, analyze and learn”, EDX learns on-the-fly as data arrives, at the edge, on existing edge devices.

Discover, Understand and Predict in Real-Time

EDX reduces data volumes by analyzing all streaming edge data, where it's produced. It finds events/correlations/anomalies and predicts critical events in real-time.

No 'Big Data' Required

EDX analyzes ALL edge data, as fast as it arrives, at the edge, without needing additional expensive big-data, cloud storage or professional services to operate.

Real-World Learning

EDX creates a ‘digital twin’ model for each real-world data source/object, continuously self-training from real-world data, understanding current behavior and predicting its future.

Powerful Edge Learning in a Single Package

EDX is self-contained, edge-training and self-managing – no expensive 'big-data' or central storage required.

Secure and Compliant

EDX is secure by design. Information never leaves your environment. EDX protects itself and edge data with attestation, encryption and introspection.

Complements Existing Solutions

EDX supports major industry data protocols and APIs. EDX can run alongside existing applications, data stores, historians, analytics and 'big-data' projects adding data reduction, edge analysis and real-time predictions.


SWIM EDX at Work

See how SWIM works for different industries


SWIM EDX powers smart manufacturing with predictive maintenance, improved efficiency and insights.

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Service Providers

SWIM EDX adds real-time intelligence to telcos, networks, utility grids, smart cities and IoT.

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Enterprise & Government

SWIM EDX delivers IT insights-as-a-service to business stakeholders.

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Smart Cities & IoT

SWIM EDX enhances smart city and IoT solutions providing data reduction, analysis, and prediction in real-time on existing edge equipment.

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